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Ashley, Atlanta, GA (Pregnancy nausea)
I became pregnant with my third child and like the other pregnancies I became very nauseated. But this time it was even worse and I became very dehydrated and could keep no food down and was put into the hospital. They did not know what to do other than to put a pump in that would regularly administer to me a very nasty Chemo Therapy nausea drug. I did not want to be on a drug like that for me or my baby. My holistic practitioner suggested I go on a liver nutritional product and the Medix4Life ML-05 LVR that supports liver repair and detoxification. Within three days all the nausea stopped and the pump was removed. The nausea never returned and I have a very healthy new baby and best of all I was able to enjoy my last pregnancy instead of being sick through the whole time. Thank goodness for these amazing products.
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