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A Glimpse at the Science Behind ProtoMedix Nano-structured Products

The Mechanism of Biological Action of
ProtoMedix Nano-particle Based Products

The initial stage of development of any pathological process can be characterized as a stage of destruction of adhesive and communications interactions between individual cells. This loss of intercellular adhesion and communications occurs regardless of the original cause of tissue damage. It doesnít matter whether it was caused by a decease or any other type of destructive influence to tissues. Tragically, any of these factors puts the human body on the road to a more serious problem then the one caused by the original malady.

Why is the destruction of intercellular communications so dangerous? The interaction between individual cells is the main conduit for transfer of regulatory (control) signals and their diffusion throughout tissues of all bodily organs. These control signals are either passed through the blood Ė the main information carrier of the human body, or transferred from other cells. Upon reception of these control signals, the cell "knows" what it should do next. All biological processes defining vital activity of cells, such as division, differentiation, metabolism and even cellular death, are under the strict control of the organism by means of these control signals. This phenomenon has received the name of Regulatory transduction.

It has been established, that there are many different ways through which control signals are transferred through tissues. The decrease in intercellular communications leads to the "wrong" perception of the control signals by individual cells, which in turn leads to negative change in a cellular metabolism. Cells lose their functional purpose and begin uncontrollable division and reproduction.

The consequence of such cellular malfunction is a development of degenerative processes in the body tissues, development of autonomous growth (neoplasm, tumors etc.), and the total destruction of cells leading to a complete failure of the corresponding organ.

Itís been established, that glycoproteins [the active ingredient of ProtoMedix nano-structured products and also biologically active in Ultra Low Doses (ULD)], are secreted by the cells of various body tissues in a protective response to a damaging influence (the trauma, various physical or chemical factors) and are localized in extra-cellular space (space surrounding cells.

Our research has shown that the production of regulatory glycoproteins promotes activation of a Cellular Reserve. This Cellular Reserve exists in every tissue of the body. Cellular Reserve is basically a number of cells, neutral under normal conditions (not classified as a specific tissue cell), which under damaging stimuli to a tissue are capable to start a controlled multiplication while converting to cells of corresponding damaged tissue. This bio-response to the presence of glycoproteins is a basis for the regenerative and reparatory processes which develop in pathologically damaged tissues. Not only does this mechanism replenish the number of cells in the damaged tissue, but amazingly, it also restores the compromised tissue to its original undamaged structure.

We believe that these positive processes can be attributed to Glycoproteinsí ability to restore the intercellular adhesion and communication, enable the "correct" diffusion of control signals, and last but not least, initiate the multiplication of Reserve Cells in the corresponding tissues.

It is long been known that a large number of diseases occur as part of the aging process. It is also known that each person has a predisposition to some diseases. Additionally, there are a significant number of diseases that will occur practically to everyone during the personís lifetime. This is due to multiple negative factors: personal lifestyle, food and water quality and other ecological and climatic factors.

ProtoMedix supplements have shown to posses significant preventative and curative qualities against any and all of the above listed factors.

It is especially important to mention that ProtoMedix nano-structured products are especially effective as water based solution. This happens due to Glycopeptides molecules tendency to intermolecular association and their existence in fluid solutions always in the form of spherical nano-particles (nanostructures), with sizes ranging from tens to hundreds of nanometers. ProtoMedix proprietary nanotechnology compounds are structured with the peptide core located in the center of these nano-particles, surrounded by lipids and carbohydrates, and therefore, well protected from the destructive influence of various enzymes, including digestive enzymes of a gastrointestinal tract. ProtoMedix active ingredients, in the form of nano-particles, easily pass through intestinal walls and get absorbed by the bloodstream which carries them into the corresponding organs. Once the target organ is reached, the active ProtoMedix nano-particles interact with the molecules on a surface of cells (receptors), which in turn initiates the processes described earlier in this article: adhesive intercellular interactions are restored and Reserve cells of a tissue are activated. Since all ProtoMedix nano-supplements are a basic natural component and are active in Ultra Low Doses (ULD), they do not cause any adverse reactions; they do not have any side effects and are hypoallergenic by its very nature.