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Ashley, Atlanta, GA (Pregnancy nausea)

I became pregnant with my third child and like the other pregnancies I became very nauseated. But this time it was even worse and I became very dehydrated and could keep no food down and was put into the hospital. They did not know what to do other than to put a pump in that would regularly administer to me a very nasty Chemo Therapy nausea drug. I did not want to be on a drug like that for me or my baby. My holistic practitioner suggested I go on a liver nutritional product and the Medix4Life ML-05 LVR that supports liver repair and detoxification. Within three days all the nausea stopped and the pump was removed. The nausea never returned and I have a very healthy new baby and best of all I was able to enjoy my last pregnancy instead of being sick through the whole time. Thank goodness for these amazing products.

Lindsy, Dunwoody, GA (Hormone, PMS, Mood swings)
I have been suffering with PMS, weight gain, and mood swings for a number of years. I am 21 years old and my practitioner suggested I go on the Medix4Life Endo ML-70 along with a estrogen detoxifier. I can not tell you the difference in how I am feeling now. The PMS is virtually gone, my weight has stablilized, and the mood swings are so much better. I have to say this product has really brought my hormones into balance and it is so simple to take just a few drops in water one time a day. I am so thankful I no longer have to be on anti depressants and my cloths look great on me again. Thank you for this product it has changed my life.
Jim, Rome GA (Hamstring injury)

My son is 16 and plays football for his school. This season he suffered greatly with hamstring issues and it made it very hard for him to play and be his best. The team doctors tried different protocols but nothing seemed to help. A practitioner friend of the family suggested we try the connective tissue product from Medix4Life CNT (ML-01). After being on the product one week the results were amazing. He no longer had the pain and was able to resume full effort on the football field. We want to keep this product on hand and will look to the other products if any other health issues come up for our family. Really amazing products you have.

Charles, Stone Mountain, GA (Kidney Damage repair)

I was on Kidney dialysis with less than 5% use of my Kidney's. I was on the Kidney transplant list awaiting a transplant. My practitioner put me on a Kidney support program along with the Medix4Life KDN (ML-08). After 8 weeks on the program I am excited and amazed to report I am no long a candidate for Kidney transplant. One kick but product you have and has brought joy and hope back into my life. I will for sure stay on this till my Kidney's are totally healed. God Bless this company.

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