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Brief introduction to our Science.

Medix4Life is based on natural sources of specifically extracted regulating proteins (glyco-peptides and/or tri-peptides) in micro-cellular activation concentrations. This type of product now offers powerful solutions for both human and animal organisms which targets the loss of cellular communication and activates reserve cells (undifferentiated cells) to repair and to regenerate tissues*. These products contain cell specific regulatory proteins (bio regulators) that help to effect and balance the normal repair mechanisms through stimulation and enhancement of normal cells as a cell-based therapy*. Additionally, with specific regulating proteins in place they can also potentially activate adult stem cells and new tissue*.

Bio regulator proteins effect cell to cell communication, enzymes, and control normal cell processes, and cellular vitality. These products are multi functional and will bridge many needs for both humans and animals*.

Medix4Life products can either be used one at a time, or in any combination depending on the specific requirements. A suggested therapy guide is available. Due to the specificity of these tri-peptide protein strings they are water soluble and need no preservatives. They come dissolved in a base of filtered water, and they are bottled with an oral spray applicator in a one-ounce sealed bottle. If used in combination wait 30 minutes after the first dose to introduce a second or third formula.

* * *

Please Note: All formulations are completely natural regulating proteins derived in their natural state from vegetable germ cell sources. Because they are organic in nature, each formula in the Medix4Life product line is subject to availability. Also, if you have a specific need please contact your health care practitioner to see if micro-cellular activator proteins are available for your specific needs.

** All statements in this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Medix4Life product line is not designed to diagnose, treat, or mitigate any disease. Please contact your primary care physician regarding your particular health condition.

More Detailed Science.

Stem cells are critically needed to dedifferentiate into organ or gland cells when they die or become damaged. The body's stem cell supply rapidly atrophies with age. Now premier, rejuvenating stem cell reserve complete with broad spectrum botanical synergists the precious gift of life from the ancients available to all of us today.

Medix4Life is based on advanced electron microscopy, using specific germ cell layer extractions of regulating proteins which are made at a micro-molecular level. Thousands of germ seeds are used to create each bottle of the high potency extraction containing each of these cell specific regulating proteins. Each ounce of Medix4Life product holds the specific dosages necessary to stimulate stem cells into action.

The germ layer of each seed is the activation part of the seed. Only live seeds are used. For example, if a seed cannot germinate, it has no life giving force and is not included in the extraction process. Just the live seed germ layers hold the gem of life, and that is why they are used in the extraction process. The extracted molecules are very specific in their function. These specialized molecules have the key to unlock the key on the surface of stem cells to send them to work. Each key has a particular program that a stem cell will run. Each Medix4Life Stem Cell Activator Product has its own unique key for a particular purpose. These products are -specific hit target- products. In a way they are like a special task force to go behind the front lines to make one specific hit with every dose.

Stem cells are undifferentiated and they are distributed throughout the body. Stem cells can become any type of cell once they are activated or coded to become one. Once a stem cell begins development, it will begin to divide and create more stem cells as well as cell specific tissues that will then be sent to the area in the body that they were coded for.

Stem cell research is becoming one of the fastest new bio-technologies in the world, due to its power to provide healing. Stem cell research has shown promise particularly in cancer research and in tissue repair. Stem cells are currently being extracted from various tissues and introduced into the bones or other tissues to stimulate healing. Stem cells hold promise for providing an advanced procedure that overcomes the limits of healing in those that are ill. However, traditional stem cell therapy is very expensive and most of the stem cell procedures are offered overseas.

Medix4Life Stem Cell Activators take advantage of the endogenous stem cells that everyone has. This is a very unique and powerful concept, activate the cells within the same body that needs healing.

**These statements specifically have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not design to diagnose, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease. As with all conditions and concerning medications, consult your family physician regarding treatment of any specific medical condition, disease, or illness.